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3Com 08-03-2002 Daily Herald 3Com has sold it's Mount Prospect property at 1800 Central Road to Franklin/JDI Central LLC of Chicago. 3Com housed its CommWorks subsidiary in Mount Prospect before moving those operations to the 3Com headquarters in Rolling Meadows. Section 3 Page 1
3Com 07-26-2001 Mount Prospect Times 3Com will leave its Mount Prospect property better than it found it. The town is in a much better situation now then when the previous owner, Multigraphics left it. But from a revenue standpoint, it's a significant hit since the company generated about $600,000 a year in property tax, of which $60,000 went to the village, High School District 214 and grammar School District 57. Page 3
3Com 07-12-2001 Daily Herald A "for sale or lease" sign went up on 3Com's 41 acre Central Road campus in Mount Prospect. Section 5 Page 1
3Com 06-22-2001 Mount Prospect Journal Mount Prospect officials are assessing the impact the impending exit of 3Com will have on the community. Page 1A
3Com 06-21-2001 Daily Herald 3Com says its decision to consolidate its Midwest operations in Rolling Meadows is "just about real estate," while Rolling Meadows and Mount Prospect officials say it's about another round of high-tech layoffs. Section 5 Page 2
3Com 06-20-2001 Daily Herald 3Com Corp., based in Santa Clara Calif., announced Tuesday it will move its Mount Prospect operations to Rolling Meadows as part of a national survival plan designed to cut costs in a tightening telecommunications market. Section 1 Page 1
3Com 06-19-2001 Daily Herald Tech giant 3Com announced today it's plan to consolidate all of its Midwestern operations into its Rolling Meadows campus. Section 1 Page 4
3Com 05-08-2001 Daily Herald 3Com workers in Rolling Meadows and Mount Prospect are among those facing layoffs after the company announced Monday it was trimming about one-third of its global workforce. Section 4 Page 1
3Com 01-16-2001 Daily Herald 3Com Corp., with local plants in Rolling Meadows and Mount Prospect employing about 2100 workers, said Monday that it intends to announce sweeping layoffs and facility reductions. Section 4 Page 1
3Com 03-30-2000 Mount Prospect Times About 1200 people employed by 3Com in Mount Prospect will be working for NatSteel Electronics Ltd by May 1. Page 3
3Com 03-25-2000 Daily Herald Rolling Meadows and Mount Prospect officials say they are concerned about, but not alarmed by, 3Com Corp.'s announcement this week that it's selling its manufacturing operations and spinning off its analog modem business. Section 3 Page 1
3Com 03-21-2000 Daily Herald 3Com Corp. said Monday that it is selling its Mount Prospect manufacturing operations and spinning off its dial-up modem business into a separate company as part of ta sweeping reorganization of the company. Page 4
3Com 08-19-1997 Daily Herald Rolling Meadows is taking the next step to persuade a computer networking company to build a $256.7 million office and manufacturing complex that one day could be home to nearly 6,400 jobs in the Northwest suburbs. Page 1
3Com 06-02-1997 Daily Herald Investors appear to be warming up to 3Com Corp.'s planned merger with Skokie-based U.S. Robotics Corp. The combined company, with $5.5 billion in revenue will have more heft to directly take on industry leader Cisco systems. Page 1
7-Eleven 03-14-2018 Mount Prospect Journal Demolition of former gas station on the border of Mount Prospect and Des Plaines at 1201 E. Central Road makes way for construction of a 7-Eleven convenience store and gas station 10A
A & P Supermarket 03-19-1959 Mount Prospect Herald Photograph of the ribbon-snipping ceremony for the grand opening of A & P Supermarket at 36 N. Main in Mount Prospect. Page 1
A B Dick 12-16-2000 Daily Herald A B Dick subleases space at 431 Lakeview Ct in Kensington Commons II to Zenith Electronics Corp. Section 3 Page 1
A Plus Massages 08-24-2016 Mount Prospect Journal Massage business opens in Mount Prospect on Wall Street. 3B
AAA Automobile Center 03-14-2018 Mount Prospect Journal Commercial development on Rand Road that will include an automobile maintenance center wins approval following traffic modifications 3A
AAA Chicago Motor Club Insurance Company 10-16-2002 Mount Prospect Journal Motor Club opens office in Mount Prospect Section 2 Page 1B
AAA Employment, Inc. 05-18-2000 Daily Herald AAA Employment Inc. of Mount Prospect opens second location in Glen Ellyn.  The Mount Prospect office is located at 880 E. Northwest Highway, Suite 103. Section 3 Page 11
ABC Wireless 06-28-2001 Daily Herald Advertisement for the ABC Wireless Company in the Mount Prospect Plaza Section 1B Page 10
Al's Old Town Inn 10-19-1967 The Prospect Day Advertisement. Dining options. Phone 392-3750. Address 18 W. Busse. Mt. Prospect IL. Page 6
Al's Shoe Service 03-02-2005 Mount Prospect Journal Interview with Larry DeAngelo, owner of Al's Shoe Service, about his familiy's history in the shoe repair business. Section 1B
Al's Shoe Service 04-23-2020 Daily Herald Shoe repair shop offers handmade leather crosses to  online customers during quarantine Sec 2 p 1
Aladdin Sanitary Sewer Service 01-14-1949 Mount Prospect Herald Advertisement for Aladdin Sanitary Sewer Service drain rodding service. 312 S. Wa Pella Ave. Page 9
Alanson's Boy's and Men's Wear 08-30-1967 The Prospect Day Advertisement for v-neck sweaters at Alanson's Boy's and Men's Wear 105 S. Main St. Page 6
Alanson's Boy's and Men's Wear 03-22-1967 The Prospect Day Advertisement for Easter sports coats and blazers at Alanson's, 105 S. Main St. Page 5
Alanson's Boy's and Men's Wear 05-01-1961 Mount Prospect Shopping News History of the founding of Alanson's Boy's and Men's Wear by Al and Lorraine Seich.  
Albany Molecular Research, Inc. 04-23-2002 Daily Herald Village of Mount Prospect endorses Albany Molecular, a pharmaceutical discovery and development company located at 601 E. Kensington Rd., to receive a Class 6 property tax break from Cook County. Section 5 Page 1
Albany Molecular Research, Inc. 09-20-2001 Daily Herald Mount Prospect trustees endorsed an attempt by Albany Molecular to receive a property tax break from Cook County. The company hopes to open a new facility at 601 E. Kensington Rd. Section 5 Page 1
Albany Molecular Research, Inc. 09-12-2001 Mount Prospect Journal A New York-based prescription drug research company is considering opening a facility in Mt. Prospect at 601 E. Kensington Rd. Page 1B
Aldi 06-21-2013 Mount Prospect Journal Former Aldi's grocery store on Rand Road demolished. Aldi's moving to new location in Mt. Prospect Plaza. Menard's home improvement store to expand to old Aldi's site. Page 1A
Aldi 03-20-2013 Mount Prospect Journal Ribbon cutting ceremony for Aldi's relocation to Mount Prospect Plaza. Page 2B
Aldi 03-29-2013 Daily Herald Opening of Aldi grocery store in Mount Prospect Plaza. Section 1 Page 3
Alibi Network 01-11-2006 Mount Prospect Journal A new branch is located at 212 W. Coventry Pl. Client base has grown from 1000 to 15,000 in three months.  Services offered include seminar and conference alibis, untraceable phone numbers, escape-a-date services and actors who can serve as business references. Page 1B
Aligned Modern Health 11-14-2018 Mount Prospect Journal Alternative healthcare clinic opens at Randhurst Village 12A
All American Heating and A/C Co. 06-28-2001 Daily Herald Advertisement. 25% off for new customers. Section 1B Page 9
Alter Group, The 08-24-2007 Daily Herald Mount Prospect Village Trustees recommend a property tax incentive for The Alter Group, which is constructing two industrial buildings at 1660 and 1780 Wall St. near the NW corner of Route 83 and Algonquin Rd. The Alter Group has offices in Skokie. Section 1 Page 5
Alvee Liquors 08-24-1977 Suburban Tribune phone: 259-2252. address: 1141 Mt. Prospect Plaza, next to Dominick's Foods, at Rand and Central Roads. Page 16
AM International Inc. 03-18-1993 Daily Herald AM International moving its headquarters to its Multigraphics Division on Central Road in Mount Prospect. The company is involved in the graphics industry.  
AM International, Inc. 05-07-1997 Mount Prospect Journal Mount Prospect-based AM International confirmed it's changing its name to Multigraphics Inc.  and terminating a merger agreement Page 5B
Amanda America Inc. 01-03-2002 Mount Prospect Journal 26,400 square foot showroom and training facility recently completed by Kajima Corp. for Amanda America Inc. Amanda America has been providing sheet metal machines since 1971. Kajima Construction Services, incorporated in 1961, is one of the largest contractors in the country. Page 4B
AMC Randhurst 12 02-22-2013 Daily Herald Mount Prospect village trustees approve larger beers and cocktails at AMC movie theater. Section 1 Page 6
AMC Theater 12-09-2016 Daily Herald Mount Prospect village trustees give AMC Theater permission to offer larger alcoholic drinks. Section 1 Page 21
AMC Theatre 06-05-2020 Daily Herald Suburban officials hopeful AMC Theatres will survive COVID-19 closure Sec 2 p 1
Amcore Bank 09-29-2010 Mount Prospect Journal Amcore Bank located at Algonquin and Elmhurst Roads (1800 S. Elmhurst) closed Friday Sept. 17, 2010. Amcore Banks were recently acquired by Harris Bank, and branches near existing Harris branches were closed by Harris bank. Page 1B
Amcore Financial Inc. 01-30-2008 Mount Prospect Journal Amcore Financial Inc. is completing construction of a 5800 sq, ft. bank at 1800 S. Elmhurst Rd. The facility is expected to open Feb. 29. Amcore in Des Plaines at 1011 E. Touhy Ave. will close it's office on Monday Feb. 28. Page 1B
American Chartered Bank 10-04-2000 Daily Herald American Chartered Banks are a unique employee -owned bank serving small business. Section 4 Page 1
American Chartered Bank 10-07-1998 Mount Prospect Journal New branch of American Chartered Bank opens in Mount Prospect at 111 E. Rand Road, about 1-1/2 blocks south of Kensington Rd. Page 1B
American Chartered Bank 10-15-1998 Mount Prospect Times Independently-owned American Chartered Bank opens its fifth full-service bank branch at 111 E. Rand Rd. in Mount Prospect. American Chartered Bank is a commercial bank serving small and medium sized businesses. Page 13
American Chartered Bank 10-01-1998 Daily Herald American Chartered bank opens its fifth Chicago-area branch at 111 E. Rand Rd. in Mount Prospect. Section 3 Page 1
American Taxi Dispatch Inc. 03-08-2007 Mount Prospect Times American Taxi Dispatch filed a trademark infringement and unfair competition lawsuit Feb. 20 against AAA American Taxi & Limo. Page 7
American Taxi Dispatch Inc. 05-10-2006 Mount Prospect Journal American Taxi Dispatch celebrates 30 years, growing from 2 cars in 1975 to over 810 vehicles and over 1000 independent operators. The business is located at 834 Rand Rd. in Mount Prospect. Page 9
American Taxi Dispatch Inc. 04-05-2006 Mount Prospect Journal History of American Taxi Dispatch Inc. Page 1B
Ameritech 06-02-1999 The Journal Ameritech donates $200 to Village of Mount Prospect for Arbor Day Tree. Page 4A
Amethyst Salon 12-13-2017 Mount Prospect Journal Salon finds new location in Mount Prospect 8A
Amethyst Skye 02-28-2018 Mount Prospect Journal New downtown Mount Prospect salon receives permission to serve beer and wine 3B
Amethyst Skye Salon 07-25-2018 Mount Prospect Journal In business for one year at location on Northwest Highway in Mount Prospect, salon offers variety of services managed by owner who is lifelong resident of Mount Prospect 19 in special section
Amethyst Skye Salon 11-07-2018 Mount Prospect Journal Mount Prospect salon celebrates one year in business 54
Amoco Oil Co. 08-26-1989 Daily Herald Amoco Oil Company is proposing to raze the existing service station on the southwest corner of Wolf Road and Euclid Avenue and replace it with a self-serve, 24-hour service station. Section 5 Page 1
Amoco Oil Co. 08-24-1988 Daily Herald Mount Prospect Village trustees agreed to the construction of a new Amoco Oil Company Service Station at Wolf Road and Euclid Avenue after compromises were reached between neighbors and the oil company.  
Anderson Company Realtors, The. 08-24-1977 Suburban Times Advertisement for a 2 BR condo and a 3 BR home for sale. Page 20
Anderson-Biermann Hardware 08-24-1977 Suburban Times History of Mount Prospect's original hardware store still in operation. Page 25
Anderson-Biermann Hardware 08-24-1977 Suburban Tribune Advertisement for Anderson-Biermann Hardware store. List of services. Page 10
Andrews Products Inc. 11-12-2001 Village of Mount Prospect Newsletter. Andrews Products have relocated its headquarters to Kensington Business Center in Mount Prospect. Andrews makes after-market transmission gears for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. Page 7
Andrews Products Inc. 11-10-2000 Daily Herald Andrews Products Inc., a company that manufactures engine parts for cars and motorcycles, is interested in consolidating its offices into a 35,000 square-foot, $1.5 million facility that would be build at 431 Kingston Ct. in the Kensington Business Center. The company seeks the Village of Mount Prospect's support in seeking a class 6 property tax abatement from Cook County in order for the move to be profitable.. Section 5 Page 1
Andy's Frozen Custard 02-10-2016 Mount Prospect Journal Frozen custard business set for former Wendy's site 5B
Andy's Frozen Custard 04-01-2016 Mount Prospect Journal Despite neon issues, Andy's gets green light to open on Rand Road in Mount Prospect 9A
Andy's Frozen Custard 08-16-2017 Mount Prospect Journal Frozen custard establishment opened August 1 on Rand Road in Mount Prospect 12A
Angelo Caputo's Fresh Markets 08-15-2020 Daily Herald Grocery coming to central Mount Prospect Sec 1 p 1
Angelo Caputo's Fresh Markets 08-18-2020 Daily Herald Mount Prospect considers tax incentives for Caputo's Sec 2 p 1
Annen and Busse Realtors 08-24-1977 Suburban Tribune Advertisement. Annen and Busse Realtors grew from 2 full-time salespeople when the population of Mount Prospect was 2,700 (est.) to 60 full-time salespeople in 1977 (population 50,000+) Page 21
Annen and Busse Realtors 09-04-1972 Mount Prospect Herald Advertisement. Addresses and phone numbers for 4 offices in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Schaumburg, and Mount Prospect. Section 5 Page 8
Annen and Busse Realtors 05-17-1968 The Prospect Day Advertisement for 11 properties for sale. Addresses and phone numbers for 3 offices in Mount Prospect, Arlington Heights, and Elk Grove Village. Page 14
Antiques Center of Mount Prospect 04-29-1987 The Journal The Antiques Center of Mt. Prospect is a collective of 35 dealers in a restored hardware store operated by Bob and Bea Coe. It is located at 100 Northwest Hwy in Mount Prospect.  
APC Financial Group, Ltd. 09-01-2010 Mount Prospect Journal APC Financial Group, Ltd. purchased the accounting and financial advisory services of Paul A. Dominik & Company and ,effective September 1, the two businesses consolidated. Page 3B
APC Financial Group, Ltd. 08-19-2010 Daily Herald APC Financial Group, Ltd. purchased the accounting and financial advisory services of Paul A. Dominik & Company. The consolidated office will be located at 1150 W. Northwest Highway under the name APC Financial as of Sept 1. Section 3 Page 1
Applebee's 01-30-2008 Mount Prospect Journal Applebee's will close its location at Randhurst Shopping Center in Mount Prospect Feb. 3 to allow for the Randhurst Village redevelopment project. Page 5A
Applebee's 01-30-2008 Daily Herald Applebee's near Randhurst Shopping Center will close it's doors to make way for the shopping center's upcoming transformation. Applebee's will not be returning when redevelopment is complete. Section 1 Page 3
Aqua-Safari Pet Shop 08-24-1977 Suburban Times Advertisement. Specializing in tropical fish and small pets, including parakeets, hamsters, gerbils. Also have dog and pet supplies. Page 16
Arlington Club Beverage Co. 09-04-1972 Mount Prospect Herald History of Arlington Beverage Co. from it's founding in 1872 to present. Section 1 Page 8
Arlington Club Beverage Co. 08-24-1977 Suburban Times Advertisement. Great tasting soft drinks at money saving prices. Page 18
Arlington Club Beverage Co. 09-14-1988 Chicago Tribune Article detailing the bottling operations at Arlington Club Beverage Co. Section 8 Pages 41, 44
Arlington Club Beverage Co. 06-10-1989 Daily Herald photo of soda pop assembly line at Arlington Club Beverage Co.  
Arlington Federal 08-24-1977 Suburban Tribune Advertisement, including data on increase in savings deposits, and home mortgage loans. Page 19
Aroung the Corner Market 10-08-2003 The Journal Cindy and Dennis Higdon open Around the Corner Market, a specialty gourmet foods market, at 115 W. Central in Mount Prospect. Page 3B
Arrow Road Construction 01-03-2020 Mount Prospect Journal Construction company moves corporate headquarters from Mount Prospect to Elk Grove Village 1B
Artemis Restaurant 09-22-2010 Mount Prospect Journal A new restaurant will open on the northwest corner of Busse Road and Golf Road, where for many years Artemis Restaurant conducted business. Page 1B
Artemis Restaurant 08-04-2010 Daily Herald Artemis Restaurant at 912 S. Busse Rd., closed on Aug. 1 after more than 30 years in business.

Section 1 Page 3
Artemis Restaurant 09-01-1999 The Journal Article about Artemis' menu, which is known for its ice cream and desserts, inexpensive big breakfasts, and Greek-style food. Artemis is located at the corner of Golf and Busse Roads. Page 1B
Artisan 133 02-26-2008 Daily Herald Beth Benoit and Cindy Riesing launch a unique business that resembles a year-round art festival at 133 W. Prospect Ave. in Mount Prospect. The shop features handmade, one-of-a kind items. Section 4 Page 1
Artisan 133 01-17-2008 Daily Herald Beth Benoit and Cindy Riesing launch a unique business that resembles a year-round art festival at 133 W. Prospect Ave. in Mount Prospect. The shop features handmade, one-of-a kind items. Section 3 Page 1
Aspen Dental 12-26-2019 Daily Herald Dental office opens at 929 N. Elmhurst Road in Mount Prospect Sec 3 p 1
Athletic Barn, The 05-09-2008   The Mount Prospect Village trustees approved a new 11,000 sq. ft. indoor athletic training facility at 1920 Carboy Rd near Algonquin and Elmhurst Roads. The facility features practice areas for baseball and basketball. Page 5A
Atlas Material Testing Technology, Inc. 09-10-2014 Mount Prospect Journal Atlas Material Testing Technology, Inc. is a company that specializes in weather testing equipment and services. It is relocating its corporate headquarters to Mt. Prospect's Business Center at 1500 Bishop Ct. Page 3B
Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. 12-16-1997 The Journal Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. opened a branch office at 350 W. Kensington, Suite 122, Mount Prospect.  
Authentic Brands 06-29-2002 Daily Herald Authentic Brands, a distributor of athletic apparel, leased 89,370 sq. ft. at 800 Biermann Ct. in the Kensington Business Center in Mount Prospect to expand it's operations. Authentic Brands recently merged with Demco, which supplies a variety of products to libraries, schools, and offices. Section 3 Page 1
Autobarn Volkswagen 06-22-2012 Mount Prospect Journal Neighbors living across Rand Road from the Autobarn Volkswagen auto dealership complained to the village board that employee parking on their streets causes there to be not enough space for two-way traffic. Page 1A
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